The Adventures of The Angel Oleo Collection: Books 1-3

Available in: eBook and Paperback
Published: December 26, 2019
Publisher: Pacific Style Books
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If you believe in angels, or at least in something bigger than yourself, you’ll want to meet Oleo. She’s an angel. And in this trilogy of her adventures, Oleo guides brokenhearted women and men through the tragedies of past abuse and dysfunctional family dynamics — toward a better life filled with recovery and redemption.

Based on the pioneering journaling method developed by Dr. Audrey Levy, “Noelle’s Ark” Collection offers a gripping and emotional blend of memoir and supernatural fiction — with a message of survival and hope for healing the wounds of the past.

This collection includes the first three books in the Oleo series — “Noelle’s Ark”, “Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief”, and “Safe Harbor”.

Please note: Books contain themes and language for mature audiences.

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