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Autobiographical Novel, Noelle’s Ark, weaved from two of my screenplays, “Dirty Laundry” and “No Matter What” is either a movie and its sequel, or a Limited Series – An alcoholic atheist dies, and wakes up in heaven. As an angel, he is able to help the woman he loved and left when he died.

Jimmy Splendor was an atheist. When he woke up in Heaven, he didn’t believe he was dead, and he certainly didn’t believe he was in Heaven. Greeted by his father, whom he hated on Earth, Jimmy took off running for seven years Earth time (only a few minutes in Heaven). He finally met an angel named Oleo, who encouraged him to help his former wife, Noelle Splendor, who was still having severe nightmares years after Jimmy’s passing. Jimmy and Oleo visit Noelle in her dreams. They stimulate her to write a book about the most painful episodes of her life through written conversations with the angels of her loved ones. By purging her emotional baggage, Noelle is able to quell her nightmares.

Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief”, Stage Play, Novella, and/or Original Screenplay Treatment – Through a near-death experience, a woman gets to make amends with her family.

Once upon a time, a Princess named Elizabeth was born with the proverbial silver spoon in her mouth. Her family hoped that one day she would marry a rich and handsome prince, and they would all live happily ever after… But instead… her brother Samuel became one of the biggest Hollywood power brokers in history, and Elizabeth got shot in the head by her nephew at her niece’s wedding, and found herself halfway to heaven with an angel named Oleo, who just might be able to help the Princess change her destination!

"Steven Spielberg “Chesterfield Competition” Finalist , Original Screenplay and Novella, “Safe Harbor” -“Goodfellas” meets “The Miracle Worker.” Female live-in psychologist and criminal attorney, with a 10-year-old son, fall in love during Mob murder attempts.

An alcoholic criminal attorney is the Mob’s heir apparent consigliere. He and his 10-year-old son are victims of a hit-and-run accident, in which his wife and daughter are killed. After a female live-in psychologist is hired to sober up the father, the attorney finds out the hit and run was no accident. Somebody keeps trying to kill him. This evolves into a love story with the Mob in pursuit. (Story exists with and without the Angel Oleo as a character)

"Steven Spielberg “Chesterfield Competition”
Finalist , Original Screenplay and Novella, “Adventure, Love, and Pirates” aka “Noelle’s Ark” – Many years after escaping the Nazis, Noelle Rue and her French grandmother hire a handsome captain to sail them around the world, where they find adventure, love, and pirates.

Born in Paris, Noelle celebrates her first birthday on the day the Nazis invade the city. Most of her family escape, and as an adult in New York, Noelle teaches seventh graders about the Environment. She and her French grandmother, Simone, hire a captain to sail them around the world in a 40-foot sailboat. They find adventure, love, and pirates.  (Story exists with and without the Angel Oleo as a character)

“Dirty Laundry”Original Screenplay – Female counselor exposes child abuse in a school for severely emotionally disturbed kids on the front page of the “Los Angeles Times.”

Based on a true story, we follow a female counselor through the events leading up to her being fired after a student tries to rape her when she’s been attempting for five years to get the school to change their disciplinary methods. She exposes corporal punishment and child abuse in a Los Angeles County school for severely emotionally disturbed kids on the front page of the “Los Angeles Times.”  (Story exists with and without the Angel Oleo as a character)

“No Matter What” aka “Zen Cellulite”, Original Screenplay – an 18-year-old girl’s coming of age story in Boston. During Christmas vacation at home, a female college freshman is beaten by her father on her 18th birthday, while her mother and brothers watch.  (Story exists with and without the Angel Oleo as a character)

After the beating, when she leaves the house in protest, the father swears to disinherit her and states that she will be dead in his eyes. We follow her first year of adventures as she withdraws from school, gets a job in Boston and becomes involved in a tragic romance, before finally reconciling with her family.  (Story exists with and without the Angel Oleo as a character)

Sundance Runner UpOriginal Screenplay, “Justice?” aka “The Case” – Courtroom drama based on true well publicized 1939 statutory rape case. The contemporary version is also available, as well as a version in which the protagonist and his family are African Americans instead of Jewish.

A struggling young Jewish attorney is hired to defend a 21-year-old black man charged with the rape-murder of a 13-year-old black female in a well-publicized courtroom drama.  In a rewritten version, during the course of the trial, the attorney takes his client into his home, which creates a humorous, emotional conflict between his older Jewish father and the young black man.

“The Magic Movie” aka “Midas, Magic, and Touch”Original Screenplay – A family story about a magician, who discovers he has a daughter and a granddaughter and reunites with the original love of his life.

A magician, who’s been on the road for many years returns to his childhood home in Santa Monica, California for a close family friend’s funeral, and discovers he has a daughter and a granddaughter. Ultimately, he reunites with his family and the original love of his life.

“Meter Maid Murders” aka “Meter Murders” aka “Violations”, Original Screenplay – Meter maids are targeted by a serial killer.

Three pretty young women, who happen to be Beverly Hills meter maids, are best friends. They all live in the same apartment building, which was once a beautiful hotel on Santa Monica Beach. When one of them is murdered, the other two help the police find the killer by letting themselves be bait.

“Red Flame”Original Screenplay – Females in prison vs. female wrestlers on TV telecast on New Year’s Eve.

A young woman, who earns a sketchy living acting, writing, and wrestling is unfairly arrested. Once in prison, she is enlisted to organize the prisoners into a wrestling team, which will represent the prison in a nationally televised championship match against television’s celebrity women wrestlers.

“Comedienne”, Original Screenplay – A widow, with two kids and a grandmother, becomes a stand-up comedienne and is stalked.

A new widow, with no practical skills other than a theater and comedy background from college, two children, and a grandmother to care for, hits the road to become a professional comedienne. Along the way, she encounters adventure, love, loss — and most frightening — a man begins to stalk her with the intent to kill.

“The First Crime on the First Human Space Colony,” Original Screenplay – Romancing the Stone” in Space.

Set in the future, this is the story of a young woman, whose father is abducted because he has witnessed the activity of saboteurs, intent on the destruction of the first Space Colony of the United League of Earth Nations. She must persuade the Colony’s Chief of Security, that a kidnapping has really occurred, and the Colony is in danger. Together, they rescue her father and secure the Space Colony.

“Black TearsScreenplay Adapted from the short story – Boxer dog kidnapped by Germans to become an ambulance dog in WWII.

Based on the story by Gerd Darner. During WWII, a boxer dog is kidnapped from his Norway home by the Germans to become trained as an ambulance dog. He becomes one of the most enduring and endearing dogs to survive this assignment. After losing several masters to the war, he is ultimately reunited with his Norwegian mistress.

“War and Family”, 15-minute film – A woman finds out she’s been disinherited and fights her attorney brothers for her fair share of the family estate.

During the afternoon following her mother’s funeral, a Jewish American Princess is told by her attorney brothers that she has been disinherited. They want her to keep it a secret, but she exposes the family truth of child abuse to all the assembled friends and relatives. Twenty-five years after she left her childhood home in protest, the princess fights her brothers for her fair share of the family estate, when they calmly tell her she’s been cut out of their parents’ wills.

Spec Teleplay for TV Pilot based on  Original feature Screenplay "Justice"

Spec Teleplay for TV Pilot based on “Star Trek: The Next Generation- Worf's Wish”

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