Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief: A Story of a Family Reunited

Available in: Audio, eBook, Paperback
Published: August 15, 2019
Publisher: Pacific Style Books

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What if you woke up in an ambulance and found yourself watching from a distance as paramedics frantically tried to save your life?

What if a beautiful angel named Oleo came to you and gave you the opportunity to see how you could change your past and thereby alter your future?

Elizabeth Elias was a disinherited agoraphobic who hadn’t been out of her house for seven years.  Suddenly, she is invited to her niece’s wedding, and she enlists the help of her next door neighbor, Noelle Splendor, to get her ready for the big day.

But the big day comes, and Elizabeth is shot in the head at the festivities… but by whom?  She can’t remember… it’s all too hazy… and she can’t get the paramedics to pay attention to her, because they can’t see or hear her.

Suddenly, Elizabeth finds herself in a forest filled with magic, and she is introduced to the Angel Oleo, who takes her back in time to see where it all went wrong.

During their travels, Elizabeth learns about intimacy by being allowed behind the scenes to see more about her next door neighbor Noelle’s history.  Noelle was widowed at a young age, having lived with an alcoholic for 20 years, and Elizabeth hears the story of a Doctor.

Then Elizabeth must confront her own anger by learning more about her father’s history in the story of a Lawyer.  By seeing her father’s life story from his perspective, Elizabeth is able to understand why he disinherited her and suddenly it didn’t hurt as much.

And, lastly, Oleo takes Elizabeth behind the scenes to see what her brother Samuel is really all about.  Samuel is one of the biggest Hollywood power brokers in history, an enigma to most of his clients and friends.  Elizabeth learns the story of her brother the Indian Chief, and realizes the importance of family.


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