Safe Harbor: A Story of New Love

Available in: Audio, eBook, Paperback
Published: December 21, 2019
Publisher: Pacific Style Books

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When Noelle’s late husband Jimmy appears as an angel and encourages her to fantasize about falling in love again, Noelle creates a new life for herself with Jonathan — an alcoholic criminal attorney who is the Mob’s heir apparent consigliere.

After Jonathan and his ten-year-old son are victims of a hit-and-run accident on Christmas Day, Noelle is hired to help Jonathan recover. Despite trying to keep their relationship professional, sparks fly and Jonathan and Noelle soon fall in love.

When Jonathan learns his hit-and-run was no accident, he and Noelle must discover why the Mob was trying to kill him, and why they still want him dead.

Will Noelle and Jonathan be able to stop the Mob in time? Or will Jonathan and his young son become yet another loss in Noelle’s tragic life?

In this continuation of Noelle’s Ark and, this story – akin to “Goodfellas” meets “The Miracle Worker” – is one you won’t want to miss.

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